Living with pets

If you like animals, and unless you have allergies, having pets is good for the souls🐱🐶
This is for those who want to bring a four (or two, or -god forbid-eight) legged companion into their home. .
Finding a pet-friendly place to live 🏠is not easy, that’s just facts. You may see plenty of people walking their Shiba-inu, or carrying their tea-cup poodles in hand bags, and think “Oh yeah, having a dog here is going to be a breeze!” .
YouTube makes it look like cats are pretty much built-in features of a lot of apartments. Unfortunately, the truth is most rental properties do not allow pets.
Those apartments which do, usually only allow one small dog (think small breeds like Chihuahua, Papillon terrier, Shih Tzu. etc) and do not allow cats.
If you have a cat already, you understand their seemingly bottomless appetite for indiscriminate vandalism, and that is one reason many properties just will not accept cats. There are others – allergies. Those who have pet hair or dander allergies know how crippling it can be. In the case of an apartment building, as soon one tenant keeps a pet the “Pet-OK” sign goes up. Keeping a cat means not only that apartment can’t be rented straight away after the tenant leaves, adjacent units cannot be rented by allergic folks, bring the elevator and other common space into consideration and you can see why many property management companies and landlords simply opt out of having pets kept in their properties. .
The good news is, there are pet-friendly properties which do exist, and advertised as such, non-pet owning tenants in the building accept the presence of dogs and cats.
If you have a pet and you are looking for a place to live please contact us.