【Sumiyoshi-Taisha】Exemplary Historic Shrine

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Sumiyoshi-ku.

The shrine welcomes approximately 2 million visitors each New Year celebration.

Affectionally known among locals as “Sumiyossan”

which is a typical Osaka-esque nickname.

One of the highlights of Sumiyoshi-Taisha, Sorihashi (AKA Taikobashi)

An iconic, steep curved bridge with a slope of 48° at it’s steepest point

There are steps built in, so it is relatively easy to climb up and down.

Here’s how it looks from the side.

It’s on the way to visit the main shrine, so you can’t miss it.

The bridge is also illuminated in the evenings,

and is included as one of the “100 Kansai night views”.

The entrance to the main shrine

The main shrine itself.

The main shrine is made up of four parts

Near the entrance to the main shrine, items like this

as well as “Omokaru-ishi” and an “Issunboshi” bowl

plenty of things to look at and learn about.


【Sumiyoshi Koen】Osaka’s Oldest Public Park

Constructed in 1873 (that doesn’t seem that long ago??) this is Osaka’s oldest park.

Located adjacent Sumiyoshi-Taisha it’s worth visiting in the same trip.

Interestingly, it’s “Sumiyoshi Koen” but on a map it’s in Suminoe-ku??

The heart-shaped pond plaza is a great spot to relax in harmony with the water and flowers.

Swings, slide and a jungle gym for the little ones to enjoy.

Today there were many kindergarten children on a school outing.

The park is also home to a baseball field and barbecue area.


【”Chin-Chin” Tram】Convenient piece of tradition

The tram is the easiest way to visit Sumiyoshi-Taisha AND Park

Get off at Sumiyoshi Torii-mae station and you are right in front of the shrine.

Enjoy a local tradition of taking a leisurely trip by tram along the same road where cars drive.


【Mandai-ike Oark】Is it a pond? Is it a lake?

This park is home to a 700m diameter pond(?) lake??.

It is said this pond was once home to monsters until over 1000 years ago Prince Shotoku

cameand chanted sutras to rid the area of the monsters.

A famous spot during the cherry blossom season.

The constant motion of the fountain is mesmerising to watch.

Crossing this bridge feels almost like fording the river over to the inner island.

There are plenty of benches facing toward all directions of the Bandai Pond

it really is a great place to sit and relax.

Is this where they trapped the monsters way back then?

Not alot of information here but this is also part of the inner island.

The park is also home to a regular play area, where kids can play.


【Abiko Station Area】an evolving suburb

Abiko statio is the southernmost Osaka Metro station on the

Midosuji line within Osaka City

Not only is “Abiko” a difficult set of charachters to write, most Japanese people who have never seen

the name of this station before will not get it right first time.

Compared to other areas along the Midosuji line, the area is affordable

and a comfortable living environment.。

Right in front of Abiko station you can find “Abinko” the local shopping arcade.

Alot of arcades have an “old school” feel to them

but this one has newer stores, family restaurants, Ramen shops, McDonalds, and takoyaki!!

A croissant shop, and a bento shop, great for the younger generation,

all make this a practical and easy to visit arcade.


【Asaka Chuo Park】Open space and cherry blossoms

A large and spacious grassy park.

While cherry bloosms bloom here in the spring it is a less well-known

cherry blossom viewing spot, so you can enjoy the blossoms without the crowds.

On top of a raised area you will find this large white guard dog

Watching over the park,keeping everyone here safe perhaps?

A train axle on the railroad tracks, and an explorer looking for something?

Not sure exactly what is happening here, but it’s an interesting sight to see.


24-Ward Ranking

Area:9.4km2   Rank: 10th

Population:Approx. 153,000 Rank: 5th

Population density: 16,278 people/km2  Rank: 9th

Sumiyoshi-ku Flowers:Kakitsubata (Japanese Iris)