Located not far from Suminoe-koen station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line

This large park was created with the following concepts in mind
「Re-connect with nature」「Play in spacious surroundings」&「Enjoy sports!」

Kids playing with their mums.

No matter how many times you see it, always a reassuring and heart-warming sight.

Big slides!! Who doesn’t like slides?

A great spot to enjoy the greenery of the park, and the pond.

Not the clearest water you will ever see, but it does add to the overall atmosphere of the park.

Even the local birds take a moment to enjoy the views.

【Suminoe Kyotei】Boat racing like you’ve never seen!

Right across the road from the Suminoe park, is the Suminoe boat race arena.

Entrance fee is only 100yen!!

Watch high-powered speed boats race around a closed circuit at phenomenal speeds.

Whether you are betting on winners or not, it is quite a spectacle to enjoy.


【Kitakagaya street art】Sanctuary for a growing artform

Impactful street art occupies this entire factory wall.

A powerful sight.

The Kitakagaya area of Suminoe-ku is becoming a well known area for the promotion

and nurturing of street art as an artform.

Not just in one location, there is an abundance of street art to be found in the area,
you just need to wander around and see what else you can discover.

“Someone shut off the water!”

Just Maetel peeking in through the window, keeping an eye on things

“Good morning Jack-ass!”

If you’re street-art and you know it, hold your hands!

These two are almost too realistic.


【ATC】Sea-side Mall

Definitely worth stopping by when there are events in the ATC conference centre complex,

and you can enjoy shopping and dining with a sea view.

The day we were taking photos, there was a cosplay event on.
Fascinating to see the effort all the cosplayers put into their outfits!

ATC is right on the ocean and you can enjoy the seaside views from all over the complex.

In the background you can see the “Sun Flower” Ferry which connects to Kyushu.

Enjoy a break over coffee with an ocean view.

Also located close by is the INTEX Osaka event site.


24 Ward ranking。

Area:20.61㎢ Rank: 1st

Population:approx. 120,000 people Rank: 9th

Population density:5815 people/㎢ Rank: 23rd

Ward flower:  Sasanqua (Christmas Camellia)