【Utsubo-koen】Island of green and flowers in a sea of concrete and glass

Spanning roughly 800m in length, this public park

is divided into two parts by Naniwa-suji

The East side has fountains, rose gardens, tree-lined walkways and play areas for kids

and the West side has tennis courts surrounded by trees and walkways.

Perfect for a stroll, a day out with the family, or with that special someone!


Weekends and public holidays see plenty of families and couples enjoying the relaxing surroundings.

This statue surprises alot of people at first glance.

An unique, yet typically humourous Osaka-esque monument to an older generation.

In addition to this “family” of statues, there are two more to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for them when you go check out Utsubo park.


【Tachibana-dori】AKA Orange Street

Horie area = trends, style, and cool, it all starts right here.

Cafes, accessories, interior + all other style influencing stores side by side.

Urban Research, SUPREME, The North Face among other international brand stores,

Instagram famous food spots such as GoodSpoon, BIOTOP OSAKA,

and of course home ware and furniture stores such as UNICO, LIVING HOUSE

can all be found here.


This is TIMELESS COMFORT, which sells interior items, furniture

and other homewares online, and if you have a chance to visit the store, it’s awesome!

There is an instore Cafe, great for taking breaks from your shopping expedition.


From pro-baseball to concerts – Kyocera Dome Osaka

This 55,000 seat arena is home to Osaka’s ORIX Buffaloes proffessional baseball team.

Along with baseball, the dome plays host to other sporting events, live performances and concerts.

In the past, certain live preformances have caused minor earthquakes!!

and there is now a “NO JUMPING UP AND DOWN” rule!!


Built directly adjacent to the dome, is AEON Mall

Great place to stop by for shopping and grab a bite to eat before heading to the dome.

One warning, the dome does not allow food and beverages from outside!!


For that “local” feel – Kujo Nine Mall

This shopping arcade extends directly from Kujo subway station.

Different from Orange street, this shopping street is all about day-to-day life.

You can support locally owned stores and businesses at a reasonable price!

Of course, well-known chains like, McDonalds, Daiso, Matsumoto Kiyoshi

and Yayoi- ken can all be found here too!


Covered arcade means shopping on a rainy day is hassle-free.


24-Ward Ranking

Area:5.21km2   Rank: 20th

Population:Approx. 104,700 Rank: 14th

Population density:20,095 people/km2  Rank: 1st

Nishi-ku Flowers:Cherry Blossom・Rose・Pansy・Cosmos