【Kaiyukan】Osaka Aquarium – home to Whale Sharks!

Osaka aquarium is well-known for housing the whale shark, the largest living species of fish.

Not to mention over 620 other species, and 30,000 different aquatic and amphibious animals.

After a visit to “Kaiyukan”  check out Tempozan market place right next door.

The ferris wheel at Tempozan is also well worth the visit, and it’s right there!!

Great spot for everyone from first dates, right though to families with kids

hard to go wrong here with all the fun options to choose from.


When it’s time for a break, it is nice to have the ocean right there too.


【Tempozan Market Place】For shopping and dining

Once you have experienced everthing Kaiyukan has to offer, this should be your next stop.

Tempozan Market Place is directly adjacent to the aquarium.

Enjoy a meal overlooking the bay

From restaurants to accessory stores, it is also home to the retro-themed “Kuishinbo Yoko-cho”

restaurant area, hearkening back to Japan in the 50’s and 60’s.


【Tempozan Ferris Wheel】Enjoy the views from 112.5m above the city and the bay

With a diameter of 100m and reaching 112.5m in height, is one of the worlds largest ferris wheels.

On a clear day, Kansai International Airport and Akashi Pearl Bridge can be seen.

LED Lights on the wheeels show symbols such as the sun, or an umbrella as a forecast

of the weather for the following day.


【Tempozan】Tempozan Park – home of Japan’s lowest mountain top

Ukiyo-e images of “Mt. Tempo” dating back to the Edo period still exist today.

This is where you will find Japan’s lowest mountain.

Apparently though, now it has been knocked off the number 1 spot.

This is a momunent to commemorate the Emperor of the Meiji Era`s

visit to officiate the recognition of the site.

The summit of Mt. Tempo should be around here somewhere.

Doesn’t feel quite like you’ve climbed a mountain, but here we are,

at the “summit” 4.53m above sea level.

Most people will not even notice the climb.


【Maruzen Intec Osaka Pool】Swim in the summer, Ice skate in the winter

Just outside Asashiobashi station is Maruzen Intec Osaka Pool.

During summer, home to a full olympic-sized pool and diving pool for serious swimmers.

In winter the pool is converted to a skating rink. To be enjoyed throughout the year.


【Yahataya Park】Greenery! Lawns!! oh my!!

Wide-open expanses of lawn, adventure playgrounds and slides.

A beautiful and surprisingly large space.

For those with kids, be sure to bring plenty of outdoor toys!!


【Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka】Full-scale gymnasium

10,000person seating arena/gymnasium.

Formerly known as the Osaka Central Gymnasium it is home to every level

of indoor sports, from social friendly games, to international competition.

Also home to Judo and kendo fixtures.

This gymnasium has been the stage for many emotional moments in sports.

Maruzen Intec Osaka Pool, Yahataya Park, Maruzen Intec Osaka Arena

together form the:

Yahataya Sports Park Center


【Yahataya Arcade】Old-school Osaka flavored shopping

Big fancy arcade entrance

Spacious and doesn’t feel too crowded, but once inside,
there are a bunch of smaller arcades branching off from the main street.

Not alot of name brand stores to be found here.

But plenty of deep-rooted local businesses to support.


【Osaka Bay Tower】Everything you need in Bentencho

Osaka Bay Tower was built as part of the ORC  multi-purpose property development which

sits adjacent the station, and serves as a landmark for the area.

Restaurants, Salons, medical clinics, it even has a large scale public bath.

Take the elevators to the open atrium garden area.

A great spot to just sit, relax, read a book or just enjoy the surroundings.

The highly customer satisfaction rated high-rise hotel

“Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower” can also be found here.

24 ward ranking

Area:7.86km2   Rank: 15th

Population:Approx. 80,500 Rank: 20th

Population density:10,246 people/km2  Rank: 20th

Minato-ku Flowers:Sunflower, Cherry Blossom