Tenjinbashisuji Arcade

Japan’s longest shopping street!*

*According to the official website

At 2.6km in length and taking approximately 40mins to walk from
end to end it certainly feels long enough.
Home to approx. 800 stores including old-fashioned diners, delicatessens,
traditional knife shops, a tea store established in 1868, as well as stores
specialising in things like tofu, croquettes and kimono.

The best part? It’s covered, and airconditioned, great for rainy days or
during the humid months of the year.

Many a bargain to be found!

Ogimachi Koen

– so much space for activities!!

One of the largest public spaces, Ogimachi-koen has ton’s of fun stuff to do, play areas for kids.
Open areas for sporting activities, garden spaces for chilling and relaxing,
as well as rock-climbing facilities for those feeling a little more adventurous.


take in Osaka`s old town feel.

Nestled in under the shadows of the Umeda skyline is a little pocket of
old-school houses  and shops called Nakazaki-cho.
Home to tons of artistic folks, and plenty of original inhabitants,
it’s unfortunately, slowly but inevitably getting smaller as more
property development happens in the surrounding areas, and
as Umeda continues it’s nebulous growth and absorbing of adjacent neighbourhoods.

Old buildings such as this one are often converted into shops, restaurants, cafes and art spaces.

Another charming example of the adaptation of the older buildings and spaces.

Grand Front

Umeda’s most recent hyper-development

In stark contrast to nearby Nakazaki-cho, the Grand Front complex,
north of JR Osaka station 2 high-rise commercial buildings,
the Intercontinental Hotel and a high-end residential tower
make up the striking skyline.

Tons of shops, cafes and restaurants. Open public spaces and water features to enjoy,
just outside the bustling JR station.

Umeda Sky Building

Kita-ku’s most famous landmark

Another iconic outline in the Kita-ku skyline.
Great spot for viewing the entire ciy from the 360degree observation platform
170m above the city. The distinctive suspended escalator passages are also
a fun and worthwile experience. Plenty of events throughout the year,
including Oktoberfest, international beer and food festivals
and an illuminated christmas village in December.

Umeda Station(s) Area

Osaka’s transportation hub

Umeda, the centre of Kita-ku, is a dense commercial area, with tons of shopping
Many domestic and multinational corporations have their regional headquarters here.

Umeda is home to multiple hub stations including JR Osaka station (on the left)

Hankyu Umeda station, (centre) and Hanshin Umeda (right)

As well as JR, Hanshin, and Hankyu, the greater Umeda station complex
also houses Midosuji, Tanimachi, and Yotsubashi subway stations,
oh and another JR station (??!!) as well as numerous bus terminals,
and altogether forms the 4th busiest train station complex in the world!!
With over 820,000,000 people per year, that’s 2.2million people PER DAY. Yikes!!

24-Ward Ranking

Area:10.34km2   Rank: 7th

Population:Approx. 139,000 Rank: 6th

Population density:13,428 people/km2  Rank: 15th

Kita-ku Flowers:Rose