【Momodani Station

From the elevated platform at Momodani Station, on the JR loop line,

you can see the surrounding area, with plenty of high-rise buildings, shopping arcades,

and all the hustle and bustle you would expect.

Just two stops from Tennoji Station, centrally situated in between Ikuno-ku and Tennoji-ku.

Great location for commuting with direct access to Umeda too.


Directly outside the station is Momodani Arcade, accessory stores to restaurants line this

shopping street with a distinct local feel.



Also located close to the station is this “Gyomu Super”. Great for those who like to buy in bulk.


The residential neighborhood is very quiet and home-y feeling.


Just a short walk from the station is Osaka’s reknowned “Korea Town”

Korean food and cosmetics stores aplenty line the shopping street.

Compared to nearby Tsuruhashi,  Ikuno-ku Korea Town feels bigger and less tourist-y.
Relax and enjoy the slower pace, snack as you take in the sights.

【Kita-tatsumi Station

Kita-tatsumi Station is on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line.

This is the busiest spot long this end of the Sennichimae line.


Right at the station, you will find a busy intersection with a bunch of rstaurants, banks and a variety of stores.

Great for busy folks who like to eat out.


Right next to the station is this LIFE supermarket and 100yen store!

Great for day-to-day items and for those who enjoy cooking at home.


A little further from the station, the neighbourhoods are quiet and residential.

While there are alot of older houses, there are plenty of modern apartment buildings

in the areas nearer the station.

This is a great neighbourhood for those living alone, as well as those sharing with family!

24-Ward Ranking

Area:8.37km2  Rank: 13th

Population:Approx. 129,000 Rank: 6th

Population Density:15,425 people/km2 Rank: 7th

Ikuno-ku Flower:Hydrangea