【Nagai Koen】Iconic, grand-scale public space

Park, sports stadium, botanical gardens, natural history museum, pool, sumo wrestling ring,

training facilities, sportscenter for people with disabilities etc.

and more in this super-sized public park.

Because the park is so expansive, there is plenty of space to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards etc.

Also tons of joggers can be seen here

from those working on their cardio to te one who are running like they stole something,
plenty of room for runners at any pace.

This massive collosseum-esque building is “Yanmar Stadium Nagai”

home ground to “Cerezzo Osaka” soccer club.

This world-class stadium seats up 50,000 people!!

This is “Yanmar Field Nagai”

Also known as Nagai’s secondary stadium

Ready to host an athletic competition as is

no matter how you look at it, this is a serious stadium too.

The park is so bit it even has it’s own convenience store!!

As well as the sports facilities, there are of course play areas for children

The adventure playgrounds and slides are always a hit with the little ones.

Entrance to the botanical gardens is just 200yen.

With over 1200 species of plants, there is plenty to see.

As the attractions change with the seasons, there is also an annual  “passport” available for 1000yen for those who want to visit the gardens throughout the year.

There is also a large pond and open grass areas to enjoy.

This is the public sports grounds area of the park.

Though the ground is sand, there is a ton of space.

As a whole, the park is well-maintained, clean, and tidy.

A perfect hassle-free place with something for everyone to enjoy.


【Komaga Shopping Arcade】Another Osaka Icon

Busiest shopping arcade in southern Osaka according to the website: komagawa.net

Total length of 730m (East-West 190m,North-South 540m)

With almost no empty stores this place is always popular.

Enjoy your shopping experience no matter the weather thanks to the roof!!

Also a popular filming location for TV shows.

Just outside the west exit of Hari-nakano station on tthe Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line

is the entrance to the arcade.

It’s a great spot for bargains not normally foundd in large supermarkets.

Great for day-to-day shopping as well as
sightseeing while you enjoy your shopping experience.


24 Ward ranking

Area:9.75 ㎢  Rank: 8th

Population:127,359 Rank: 6th

Population density:13,062people/㎢ Rank 17th

Ward flower:Nadeshiko (Dianthus Superbus, or “Pink”)