【Tsuruhashi Station area】For those who love all things Korean

3 way access, JR Loopline, Kintetsu line, and Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line here.
Direct trains to Namba, Umeda, and Tennoji, great for commuting anywhere in Osaka.

Plenty of storefronts line the mainstreet in front of the station. High foot-traffic area.


From the main street you can also access the “back alley” -esque Tsuruhashi arcade.

The arcade is a little narow, so bicycles are not permitted (???)

Most of the clothing stores sell womens clothes, more suited to an older generation?。

This store specializes in kimchi and is super popular!

There are more stores selling kimchi, and fresh seafood,

as well as specialty items like “tonsoku” (pigs feet).


【Tamatsukuri Area】Name brand stores and convenience

Tamatsukuri station houses both the JR Loopline and Osaka Metro Nagahoritsurumi Ryokuchi Lines.

A refreshing change of atmosphere from Tsuruhashi.

Plenty of places where it will be easy to become a frequent visitor, such as
KFC, Tsutaya video rental, as well as banks etc.

There is a small park right nearthe staion too!

Another shopping arcade too.

Major drug stores and an Izumiya supermarket can be found here.

There is even a food court (Tamazou Kitchen) inside the station!!

Who would’ve thought you could enjoy a food court right inside a train station.


【Imazato Area】You guessed it, more shopping arcades!

Another shopping arcade for those who can’t get enough.

This is “Imazato Shinmichi Arcade” complete with roof!!

Plenty of original stores, and local folks who run them and shop here.

Near thee entrance to the arcade you will find more recognized stores like Kura Sushi and Komeda Coffee,
but once inside you can see and feel the difference in ambience coming from the original local stores.

【Higashinari Sports Center】For sportsing!!

Rent court spaces, for private games, or attend lessons.

Lessons include cheerleading, tennis, table tennis and more!!

There is also an indoor pool located next to the road.

Single, or multiple visit tickets as well as monthly passes are available.

Next to that there are also outdoor sports grounds.

These are spacious enough for a fullsized game of baseball or softball.

Please note the grounds are not public, and advanced reservations are required to use it.

24 Ward rankings

Area:4.54㎢ Rank 23rd

Population:approx. 84,000 Rank 18th

Population density:18,494 people/㎢ Rank 4th

Ward flower: Rose, Pansy