Monthly Rent ¥ 117,000
Maintenance Fee ¥ 4,100
Deposit ¥ 234,000
Key Money ¥ 0
Layout 3LDK
Floor 13F / 15F
Property Size 86㎡
Year Built 1986Year Built
Nearest Station
Morinomiya (Chuo Line) (9min)
Morinomiya (JR Osaka Loop Line) (9min)
Morinomiya (Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line) (9min)
Prefecture Osaka-fu
City / Ward Osaka-shi, Joto-ku
Address Osaka-shi, Joto-ku, Morinomiya 2-1-6

No Guarantor

Many of you will be familiar with UR properties by now, affordable, hassle-free, and foreign-friendly. Well, this place checks all those boxes, and is more than spacious enough to share with a friend, partner, family member(s) or even a completely random roommate.

3 separate bedrooms and a living area spacious enough for 3 or more people to relax without being all up in each other’s business, as they say. The bathroom and toilet are completely separate AND!!!! there are 2 (count ’em) separate vanity units, so while your roommate “Shazz” is carefully curating their nostril and ear hairs you can still shave, wash your face and /or brush your teeth in a separately located sink at the other end of the house.

Great location within walking distance of Morinomiya station, and if you can’t see it from the photos, you also have an unspoiled view of Osaka castle!! Go jogging, walking or just plain old loitering in the park within a few minutes walk from the comfort of your own home.
Talk to some workmates, friends, or random strangers you met online (ex. Shazz) and see if they will be onboard with sharing a decent sized apartment for less than your current combined rents. Or don’t, it’s up to you.


Monthly Rent / Maintenance Fee ¥ 117,000 / ¥ 4,100
Deposit / Key Money ¥ 234,000 / ¥ 0
3LDK / 86㎡ / 1986Year Built
trainTrain Line
Morinomiya (Chuo Line) (9min)
Morinomiya (JR Osaka Loop Line) (9min)
Morinomiya (Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line) (9min)
Osaka-shi, Joto-ku, Morinomiya 2-1-6