Monthly Rent ¥ 67,000
Maintenance Fee ¥ 6,000
Deposit ¥ 0
Key Money ¥ 0
Layout 2DK
Floor 2F / 5F
Property Size 37㎡
Year Built 1991
Nearest Station
Nodahanshin (Sennichimae Line) (7min)
Mitejima (JR Tozai Line) (7min)
Yodogawa (Hanshin Main Line) (6min)
Prefecture Osaka-fu
City / Ward Osaka-shi, Fukushima-ku
Address Osaka-shi, Fukushima-ku, Ebie 7-22-27

No Guarantor

A 2DK for this price in this location is an exceptional deal. No two ways about it.
No key money?? That’s right.
Also, and this is a new one for us, the management company has a unique security deposit system where tenants pay an additional 2,000yen per month, and this accumulates over the course of the contract period, and at the end this can be used toward any damages or extra cleaning, otherwise the remainder is returned, almost like a savings account!!
Aside from the above, everything else about the place is straightforward and standard.
Why is it so cheap? Well, it’s on the 2nd floor and overlooks the wall of the neighbouring building, so in terms of view, you get nothing, nada, zip, zero.
Having said that, the apartment is actually pretty bright.
The bathroom and kitchen are a little “dated” and the washing machine would have to be on the balcony, but if you want space, convenience and you are working with a budget, this place could be the one for you.


Monthly Rent / Maintenance Fee ¥ 67,000 / ¥ 6,000
Deposit / Key Money ¥ 0 / ¥ 0
2DK / 37㎡ / 1991年築
trainTrain Line Yodogawa (Hanshin Main Line) (6min)
Osaka-shi, Fukushima-ku, Ebie 7-22-27