Monthly Rent ¥ 88,000
Maintenance Fee ¥ 0
Deposit ¥ 0
Key Money ¥ 0
Layout 1LDK
Floor 1+2F / 2F
Property Size 64㎡
Year Built 1992
Nearest Station
Prefecture Osaka-fu
City / Ward Osaka-shi, Abeno-ku
Address Osaka-shi, Abeno-ku, Maruyama-dori 1-2-45

Wait 'til you see what's upstairs!

Feeling zesty?? Want a place that looks nothing like any of your friends apartments?
Want a place with an entrance that looks like the side door of a sketchy office in a side street where you wouldn’t expect there to be one? Want the front door to open directly onto the bathroom? “No, no I don’t.” too bad.
Want the apartment to be surprisingly spacious, well laid out and modern in terms of design?
Of course you do. Did we mention the brand new minimalist kitchen counter? No? well…
Do you really need a balcony? Take your time… If you are just using it for hanging out your laundry, then what are we really talking about here?
If you are used to drying your clothes in a clothes dryer instead of hanging them out, then you are in luck as this place has a laundromat right across the street.
Sick of all these questions? Come take a look at this place and we can put an end to all this unpleasantness.


Monthly Rent / Maintenance Fee ¥ 88,000 / ¥ 0
Deposit / Key Money ¥ 0 / ¥ 0
1LDK / 64㎡ / 1992年築
trainTrain Line (0min)
Osaka-shi, Abeno-ku, Maruyama-dori 1-2-45