Monthly Rent ¥ 63,171
Maintenance Fee ¥ 6,000
Deposit ¥ 20,000
Key Money ¥ 0
Layout 1DK
Floor 4F / 4F
Property Size 42.24㎡
Year Built 1971Year Built
Nearest Station
Kujo (Chuo Line) (10min)
Prefecture Osaka-fu
City / Ward Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku
Address Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Ajigawa, 1-1-43

No Guarantor

You know those “Plain Jane” movies about seemingly unattractive men and women, usually high school or university settings.
Where the whole story is supposed to be about how true beauty comes from within, but at the same time, the actors cast in the main “ugly duckling” roles are invariably on the top 100 sexiest in Hollywoood lists every year?
This place is not going to win any oscars, US-based or domestic, might scrape in for an Emmy, or an MTV teen choice award.
Where were we? Right, yes. This place is pretty on the inside. Serious.


Monthly Rent / Maintenance Fee ¥ 63,171 / ¥ 6,000
Deposit / Key Money ¥ 20,000 / ¥ 0
1DK / 42.24㎡ / 1971Year Built
trainTrain Line
Kujo (Chuo Line) (10min)
Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Ajigawa, 1-1-43