【Osaka-Jo】Osaka most recognized landmark









Osaka Castle was originally built in 1583,

The castle grounds are home to over 125 plum and 4,500(!!!) cherry trees,
and during the spring cherry-blossom season the park is filled with sightseers.

The park is also a popular night time attraction as the castle is illuminated throughout the evening.

【Shinsaibashi Arcade】A shoppers paradise with everything 



600 metres of shopping!! Drugstores, cosmetics, duty-free, and over 180 restaurants…
where else would you go for a shopping experience like this?

The popularity of this place date sback as far as the Edo period…

According to the history of the area, the shopping arcade linked the theatre district, now Dotombori to
the “Adult entertainment” area of the time, Shinmachi.

【Amerika-Mura】Fashion ground zero 



Osaka’s youth and streetwear trend mecca, Amerika-mura

This “American Village” dates back to the 1970s.

Before then, the area was used by the neighbouring Shinsaibash arcade businesses for warehouse spaces, parking, and offices. Including those of the well-known Daimaru department store.

According to the history books, in 1969 a young interior designer opened a cafe in front of what is now “Triangle park” many youger generation creative types frequented the cafe, and as the warehouses and stores in the area began to stock and sell goods imported from the west-coast of the US, from clothing and accessories to records the area began to evolve. As the look and feel of the area changed, media attention grew and Amerika-mura as the fore-front of street fashion and culture was born.

A truly vibrant, unique area brimming with distinctive youth fashion, original buildings designs and sculptures.

By night, the area is bustling with people frequenting the many bars, live music venues and nightclubs.

【Kuromon Ichiba】The pride of Osaka`s gourmet scene



At 580 metres long, and home to 150+ stores, this market is often referred too as Osaka’s kitchen.

Also very famous as a tourist attraction, with an average of 23,000 visitors per day and around 150,000 during the New Year vacation period.

Enjoy gourmet dishes of luxurious seafood, meats and vegetables made from the freshest ingredients.


【Matsuyamachi】Retro wholesale district

This is a genuine Osaka spot you won’t find on most tourist maps!

Stores selling everything from ornamental dolls, toys, candy, fireworks (!!!???)
This historic wholesale district is home to many long-standing establishments.