【Shirokita Koen

Cherry blossoms in the spring,  irises in the early summer, and chysanthemums in the autumn,
flowers for all (well 3 out of 4 isn’t bad) seasons.
Historic park created using the sprawling Yodogawa riverbed.

Be sure to check out the large pond in the centre of the park.

Opened in 1934 it is one of Osaka’s oldest, and at 9.5ha in size, largest public parks.

The “Ishoen” area of the park is home to approximately 250 types of flowers,
and over 13,000varieties, is recognized as one of “Osaka’s Top 100 Green Zones”

【Sembayashi Shopping Street

Located conveniently between the Keihan line「Sembayashi」and
Osaka Metro Tanimachi line「Sembayashi-Omiya 」stations

This arcade stretches for roughly 700m and is home to more than 200 older stores which survived the air raids of WWII, retaining it’s historic pre-war feel.

Stores providing fresh produce, and groceries, daily goods, and restaurants can all be found here.

also known as:「The cheapest arcade in Japan」

【Asahi Koen

This small park is located in a quiet residential area。

Located adjacent to Asahi Prefectural High School and Asahi Municipal Junior High School, students can be seen here and there during school hours.

Asahi Sports Center is also located here in the park、

And they have a pool!!


Area:6.32km2   Rank: 17th

Population:approx. 90,000 people Rank: 15th

Population density:14,356/km2 9th

Ward flowers:fleur de lis